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CPS Products serves multiple industries with industry-specific innovations, advancements in technologies and products and offers multi-lingual sales, marketing and technical support for its diverse markets and clientele base. We have expertise across all fields: electrical, mechanical, software and chemical.

We’re at work in nearly every corner of the world, delivering the innovation our customers need, where they need them. Do you want to find a distributor near you? Just click on the button and find a distributor in your area.

Our HVACR Products

Since 1989 CPS is providing technicians with every tool, from H to R, they need to install and maintain HVACR systems.

Our Automotive Products

CPS draws on its long history of design and manufacture of leading tools and instruments for the HVAC/R maintenance market to provide automotive service facilities and technicians battle-tested A/C service technology. From the Revolutionary FX Series A/C Equipment and electronic leak detection to the UView line of clean, injectable A/C oils, dyes, and sealants rely on CPS to help your business achieve A/C service excellence now and in the future.

Our Indoor Air Quality Products

At CPS we understand the importance of Indoor Air Quality for your customers and their families. As a result, we have designed a complete line of Indoor Air Quality Smart Products. From Indoor Air Quality to balanced airflow, CPS has all the products you need to become an Indoor Air Quality professional.

Indoor Air Products

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Product Warranty Check

In the foreseeable future we want to provide our clients with the possibility to check if their products warranty is still valid.

This product warranty check is not available at the moment but soon to come. We will keep you informed if there are any news about this.


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