Blackmax® Digital Torque Wrench
Ideal for HVAC mini-split installations or where OEM-specified torque settings are critical, the BlackMax digital torque wrench exceeds the capabilities of mechanical-only torque wrenches by offering a variety of user-friendly features in a lightweight, durable and ergonomic housing. The BTLDTW stores 5 factory and 5 user-defined presets, and is able to simultaneously display stored vs. actual torque values. Large display numbers prevent misreading torque data, a common problem when using wrenches without digital displays. View “Peak” and “Track” torque data with audible (tone), visual (LED) and tactile (vibration) “torque alerts” to prevent overtightening by providing advance warning when approaching or exceeding predefined torque settings.


• Ensures OEM torque setting compliance
• Ideal for HVAC mini-split installations
• Jaw opening: 3/16˝ to 1-7/16˝ (5 to 35mm)
• Torque settings: Lbf.ft,, N-m, Kgf.m
• Pre-set and actual torque values: View both same time
• LED Torque Alerts: Green = within 50-98%, Red = within 2%
• Memory Presets: 5 common, 5 open for custom torque values
• Track mode: View real-time torque value reached during use
• Peak mode: Maximum torque value reached is stored temporarily
• Auto-Off (Selectable): Conserves battery life
• Display light key