• Safety Valve Hose Set 150cm (5ft) Premium 1/4” SAE FM x 5/16” FM (HK5N)
• Suitable for standard refrigerants, including R410a
• 150cm Hoses (5ft)
• Patented Safety Valve Technology
• Colour Coded Hoses, Traditional: Red, Yellow and Blue, all complete with Safety Valve Fittings on one end
• Single Touch Point: Safer for technician without Loss of Refrigerant
• Rotating Safety Valves: Allows for Flexible Operation


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The T-shaped SafeMate valve has a screw-down core depressor that activates refrigerant flow after the knurled brass fitting has been fully tightened onto a service port. This protects technicians’ hands from frostbite and prevents refrigerants from escaping into the atmosphere.

SafeMate hoses protect the environment through less or no refrigerant is escaping into the atmosphere. The SafeMate valve is freely mounted, so it cannot turn when the hose moves. The reason is that this is not the case with “normal” hoses and if you turn the hose a bit, one end can loosen a little.