Molecular Transformator
It dramatically increases the speed of any recovery machine. The MT69 is the only commercialized recovery subcooler manufactured for the professional A/C & R technician. It transforms molecules of hot refrigerant gas into molecules of refrigerant liquid and also transforms molecules of cold refrigerant liquid into a warm refrigerant gas. Use the MT69 in-line with the discharge line of any recovery machine to dramatically increase the speed of recovery.


• Dramatically increases the speed and performance of your recovery machine (up to 95% increase in recovery speed!)
• The hotter it gets, the better it works
• Functions as a submersible condenser or evaporator
• Rugged, compact and easy to use Eliminates the need to change tanks when recovering R410A
• Patents Pending
• Eliminates annoying shutdown due to high pressure switch limit
• Essential for recovering R410A on hot days
• Essential for recovering liquid refrigerant on cold days
• Eliminates liquid slugging at colder temperatures
• Designed and manufactured in U.S.A. with U.S. and globally source components