Recover Lost Time
• The smallest, lightest, fastest and most reliable recovery machine found anywhere in the world
• Weighs only 11,5 kg
• Fastest ARI recovery rates in its class, best speed-to-weight ratio in the industry
• Revolutionary “vacuum pump” style design
• Five unique patented and patent pending design elements
• Vapor or liquid recovery, including R-410A
• Extremely compact and easy to carry
• Extra TUV approved for A2L refrigerants (i.e. R32 and HFO)
• Approved for Use with A3 refrigerants


A recovery unit for refrigerants which because of its distinctive design is often mistaken as a vacuum pump. It represents a naked form without a manifold and cooling properties. It has a liquid pump like characteristic with fast recovery rates. It is unique and revolutionary both in design and function. With its conceptual framework solely developed by CPS, it makes this recovery unit the star of the show.
The current version makes it the strongest and fastest recovery unit for its size and weight class. More importantly, it is TUV certified for A2L refriegerants including R32 and is approved for use with A3 refrigerants.